Naturist Massage London

Naturist Massage London

Naturism or nudism is a cultural and political movement promoting social nudity in private and in public. The naturist philosophy can be traced back to the early 20th century health and fitness philosophy in Germany. The name of this movement was Freikorperkultur, literally translated as free body culture.

This concept of naturism spread to the UK, US and Canada whereupon many naturist clubs were established and subsequently tourist naturism was developed, offering nudist resorts to adventurous tourists. This is prevalent in the Caribbean.

The definition of the term naturist varies geographically. In the US naturism and nudism have the same meaning. In the UK nudism is the act of being naked whilst naturism is a lifestyle embracing nature, the environment, respect for others and oneself, vegetarianism, physical exercise, pacifism and nudity.

There is no single definition of naturism. At one end of the spectrum are the nudists who enjoy a nude life style and at the other are the naturists who have deep seated beliefs and see communal nudity as one of their many important principles.

Nowadays naturism offers a variety of recreational activities from naked sky diving to nude surfing and free riding (cycle riding). Naturist massage in London has also become exceedingly popular, particularly since the creation of The Tantric Treasures Naturist Massage London (Nude Massage) which allows men, women and couples to experience a full body naturist massage alone or together as a couple. This life-enhancing London Naturist Massage also allows all sensualists to explore their sexuality in a safe and professional environment. Clients have celebrated their increased libido as a result of these  London naturist massages and claim that their relationships are consequently more sexually intimate and their stress levels much lower. Sometimes we just need to get in touch with our sensual side. It makes us feel extremely relaxed and liberated.

Our Tantric Treasures Naturist London Massages are also referred to as nude massages or naked massage therapy which is offered to all adults in London above the age of 18 years. We have been providing these sensual nude massages for many years and we are considered to be London’s Finest.

To experience the most sensual naturist massage London has to offer, call our fabulous receptionist now! Make your life Extraordinary!

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