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Prostate Massage London

Prostate Massage London In men, the special nature of sensual massage is increased by a further aspect of deep arousal and enjoyment: the massage and stimulation of the prostate, the place of physical strength and connectedness. Aside from the benefits to health and potency that this type of massage brings, the prostate massage opens an entirely new way of experiencing arousal, a completely different kind of arousal experienced through the lingam.

Nude Massage London

Nude Massage London Whilst some self-conscious people may shy away from the prospect of a nude massage, it can be a superb way to blow off steam and relax. A therapeutic massage focuses on taking the stress out of our muscles. Nude massage, however, takes this a step further and adds a sensual flair,thus,making the massage experience even more exciting. Nude Massage London may be seen by some as a naughty thrill, however, it does have an overall positive effect on […]

Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London Tantric derives from the word Tantra – an ancient Indian concept developed more than 5000 years ago. It is a philosophy that teaches us how to transform sexual energy into a truly spiritual and emotional experience. The main aim of our Tantric Massage London Service is to achieve personal growth through physical touch. As we gain greater sexual awareness and energy balance within our bodies we experience improvements to our mental, spiritual and physical health.

Couples Massage London

Couples Massage London Couples Massages in London are now one of the hottest commodities in the London massage industry.  Every massage allows for the ultimate in relaxation but a London couples massage gives you a shared experience with someone you care about. Romantically involved or otherwise, you will each enjoy the same therapeutic and erotic massage benefits. There are huge health benefits to massage, especially during couples massage therapy. Stress and our fast pace of life takes its toll on our […]

Asian Massage London

Asian Massage London Asian massage in London is any massage style that uses techniques developed in Asian countries. Records show that massage was practiced in China as part of health care as early as 3,000 B.C. Today the major types of Asian massage are amma and tui-na from China, shiatsu from Japan, and Thai massage from Thailand.  Some people believe reflexology is a form of Asian massage, but it was, in fact, developed in America in the early 20th century.

Executive Massage London

Executive Massage London In the last four years London has seen a huge increase of erotic massage companies, however, many of these London massage agencies offer a somewhat mediocre service with unskilled masseuses and illegal activity.  At Tantric Treasures, we purely offer an Executive Massage Service in London and we are considered to be the No.1 tantric massage in London.  By Executive Massage we mean a 5 Star Visiting Massage Service, a VIP Massage Agency – meeting your great expectations.

Visiting Massage London

Visiting Massage London When stressful, hectic lifestyles take their toll on your mental, physical and relationship health, sensual massage provides more than a temporary respite. It not only calms the mind and relaxes the body, it also allows you to experience intimacy and touch, one of the greatest sensual pleasures in life. In the bustling flurry of modern life our minds are constantly in motion, generating a flow of thoughts. Visiting Massage is the most effective means to restore inner […]

Body Massage London

Body Massage London Therapeutic Body Massage typically involves working on the body with firm pressure to remove tension in muscles and ligaments. The Peach Erotica Body Massage London includes much more!  We have merged ancient therapeutic massage philosophies with the art of sensual tantric massage to give you the best of both worlds. The powerful erotically charged nature of our London body massages will leave you feeling profoundly relaxed on an emotional as well as a physical level.

Tantra Massage London

Tantra Massage London Tantra is an ancient healing technique formed many centuries ago. It was developed to release natural energy within the body to deal with physical and emotional trauma. Having a Tantra Massage in London allows us to say yes to pleasure and by exploring this hedonistic pursuit we embrace sexual happiness and ecstasy. There are different types of Tantra practiced today; tantric yoga, tantric meditation, tantric sex and Tantra Massage in London. It takes years to perform these forms of tantra […]

Erotic Massage London

Erotic Massage London Erotic Massage London or sexual massage London is the use of intimate body to body massage techniques to enhance sexual arousal. This form of massage has been utilized for medical as well as erotic purposes for centuries. Erotic massage, unlike traditional massage, typically features the caressing of erogenous zones to increase and achieve sexual arousal. Erotic Massage in London can be used as a form of sex therapy. It is a superb means of stimulating the libido or […]