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Many people believe that feeling sensual is allowable only within the framework of lovemaking, preferably with a committed partner. Yet there are a wealth of wonderful sensations at our fingertips which can be given to others or to ourselves. Accepting that we all deserve such pleasure, and that there is nothing wrong about it, opens us to new and great delights. The starting point for this comes in the shape of a whole body to body sensual London massage. And it is by no coincidence that the joy of sensual massage in London is now so fervent and desired.

There is a major difference between a matter- of- fact present of touch i.e. therapeutic hands on massage, and the mysterious, overwhelming spiritual gift of sensuous massage. That’s a strong promise, but these sensual London massages can offer stimulation for the brain as well as for the body.

When performing a sensual massage it is advisable to get to know which strokes you feel most comfortable with giving, and you will understand that it makes sense to carry out strokes in certain patterns. For example, working your way up one side of the body and then down the other is a pattern. Alternating grand, sweeping strokes with small, detailed strokes is another pattern. It is important to include as much of the body as possible during your massage so no part is neglected.

At Tantric Treasures, we offer the most sensual massages in London or as one of our valued clients put it, ‘The sexiest massages on earth!’ Our Tantric Team of sensual Massage London therapists consider the following to be detrimental to a spine-tingling, toe-curling full body massage:

Comfort – a sensual massage should be unhurried and performed in warm, comfortable surroundings. The massage surface should be firm and covered in soft warm towels.

Sweeping strokes – when you are massaging relatively large areas of the body such as the back, it is good to use long, sensuous, sweeping strokes and to keep the sensations your recipient feels as smooth and continuous as possible.

It is also advisable to try different strokes, alternating the pressure over the more fleshy areas and seeing how the recipient’s body Sensual massage Londonresponds. One of the keys to making a sensuous massage truly heavenly is to feel it yourself as a sensual experience. Close your eyes and feel the sensations in your hands and alter your touch so that it pleases you as well as the recipient.

Setting the Scene – a cluttered room is not going to have the same visual impact on the would-be sensualist as a room with exotic colours and low lighting. Clean towels, sheets and coverings are essential as well as muted lighting and candles. Soft, sensuous music should be part of the spell you are creating, so ensure your ipod is set up appropriately to play continuous massage melodies. The smell of incense is intoxicating and an important erotic addition to the ambience of the sensual massage scene. The massage oil itself should also smell exotic.

Pressure is the secret of turning a routine massage into a sensual experience. A strong massage feels thorough and ‘medical,’ a lighter one more pleasurable and sensuous, and a fingertip massage arousing and erotic.

At Tantric Treasures, we consider sensual touch to be one of the greatest gifts in the world. A sexy massage performed by a skilful nude massage therapist has the ability to lighten up your entire body. Not only will our intimate London sensual massages allow your body to take on a rosy hue, they will relax your mind and enhance your overall mood. The feelings of warmth and intimacy engendered by tender, loving touch will help you to feel more connected to another person, more confident and more wholesome. So Live your life with pleasure and try the Rolls Royce of sensual massage in London today with Tantric Treasures Sensual Massage London

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