Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage London

Tantric derives from the word Tantra – an ancient Indian concept developed more than 5000 years ago. It is a philosophy that teaches us how to transform sexual energy into a truly spiritual and emotional experience.

The main aim of our Tantric Massage London Service is to achieve personal growth through physical touch. As we gain greater sexual awareness and energy balance within our bodies we experience improvements to our mental, spiritual and physical health.

In a safe environment we can benefit immensely from sensitive, nurturing touch. We can bring extreme pleasure to another human being without the coldness of traditional massage therapy and outside the intimacies of sex. Our skilled Tantric Massage London therapists will take you on a massage journey that will allow you to rediscover your true sensuality, ultimately giving you a deeper sense of self awareness and contentment.

Tantric Massage in London can, thus, be used as a form of sexual healing, harmonizing the sexual energy and awakening core understandings of our being.

The main goals of Tantric Massage Treasures are to promote relaxation, ease stress, synchronize the body’s energy levels and to gain greater sexual awareness. These benefits are endless; whilst it can be a powerful cure for a number of sexual disorders, it can also improve all aspects of your life. By seeking greater sensual awareness and energy balance, one can handle stress better, be more creative in the challenges presented in daily life and at work, and it can help develop deeper relationships with your partner and friends.

Tantric massage is very relaxing, it covers the entire body and pays special attention to the lingam (male genitals) and the yoni (female genitals). Your Tantric Massage London Therapist utilizes special body to body massage techniques and movements to promote peace and ease stress with gentle, loving touch and minimum pressure. The massage journey begins along the back of your legs, covers the back, the shoulders and the head, where the main energy centers of the body (chakras) are harmonized. Your  Masseuse will then proceed with the face and make her way along your entire body down to the tips of your toes, using the same gentle touch and soothing techniques to invoke deep relaxation and increase sexual energy. The final and most important part of the massage is the lingam or yoni massage, whereupon your Tantric Massage therapist will use a series of extremely stimulating techniques to improve your sensual ending.

The client, at this stage, will be in a state of complete relaxation, leaving himself in the capable hands of the massage therapist. The main focus is to let go and experience sexuality in a semi meditative state. Breathing techniques that promote relaxation can be advised, which are not a must but will help achieve the main goals and, therefore, make the massage more complete.

At Tantric Treasures, we offer the most sensual tantric massage London has to offer and we welcome you to experience this extraordinary journey in the comfort of your London hotel or private residence.


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