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Charming Charlie will uplift you with her mind-blowing massage. She will completely stimulate and enhance all your senses, bringing you to a state of utter euphoria and ecstatic pleasure. This tantalising Tantric Massage Treasure is vivacious, dynamic, oodles of fun and intoxicatingly beautiful. Charlie is the epitome of femininity – wide smiling eyes, a stunning smile, slender yet naturally curvaceous and immaculately presented. Her sensual massages have been described as ‘exhilarating and thrilling.’ She adores the fine Art of Tantra and her passion shines forth. Charlie is a social butterfly, a chatty, charismatic young lady with a big heart and a considerate nature. She loves meeting new people, traveling the Globe and keeping fit. She is particularly fond of performing the Aqua Massage, the Foot Fantasy Massage as well as the seductive belly dance massage. Charlie is a terrific Tonic for your demanding day. Soar to the summits of sensual massage pleasure and eradicate all your worries and woes with this Absolute Tantric Treasure!

Booking your massage

If you would like to book the most sensational sensual massage London has to offer please call:Angela/Gilly, our fabulously friendly Concierges 10am to Midnight Every day Phone +44 (0) 7967 666047

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